Physiotherapists provide a wide range of services for any joint/muscle/ligament associated pain, sports injury rehabilitation, women’s health physiotherapy advice and treatment.

You can now refer yourself to a local NHS physiotherapy service directly thorough our new self-referral service if you are over 16 years old. There’s no need to get a GP appointment first. 

How do I self-refer?

  1. Check you are eligible for self-referral. See suitability check below

     2. Choose a provider. The provider must be in the same area as your registered GP surgery

  • Buckinghamshire: Practice Plus is the provider for Buckinghamshire  patients. Visit their website here
  • Oxfordshire: Connect Health is the provider for Oxfordshire patients. Visit their website here
  • Berkshire West: Multiple providers are available for Berkshire West patients, please choose a provider from the map here

     3. Complete the self-referral form on your providers website. If your chosen provider does not have an online form, use the Downloadable – Self-referral form here and email your completed form directly to the provider. Please do not send your completed form to the ICB.

Self-referral suitability check

You CANNOT self refer if you are in any of the groups below:

  • Anyone in their own home (i.e. are housebound in the short or long term)
  • Anyone with respiratory conditions
  • Anyone with neurological conditions
  • Anyone needing post amputation services (requires a specialist referral)
  • Anyone under 16 years old
  • Anyone needing emergency treatment (serious and life-threatening health situations). Please consult NHS 111 or your GP  

We recommend you consult your GP or NHS 111 urgently if you have recently or suddenly developed any of the following:

  • Difficulty passing urine or controlling bladder/bowels.
  • Numbness or tingling around the back passage or genitals.
  • Numbness, pins and needles or weakness in both legs.


Please discuss with your GP before submitting a referral if you:

  • Are feeling generally unwell or have a fever.
  • Have any unexplained weight loss.
  • Have a history of cancer.
  • Have recently become unsteady on your feet.

Your physiotherapy appointment

What happens at your appointment

Common conditions

Common conditions you can get help for

The NHS is committed to giving patients greater choice and control over how they receive their healthcare and is working hard to improve opportunities for patients to make informed choices about their care that best suit their needs and circumstances. View the NHS choice constitution document here

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Emergency Care

Emergency Departments (A&E) and 999 are for life threatening emergencies.

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