Pharmacy services

Your community pharmacy team can give you expert clinical advice for minor health concerns and help with many common illnesses like sore throats, coughs, colds, tummy troubles and aches and pain. Most local pharmacies have private consultation rooms so you can talk confidentially.  

There are 251 pharmacies across Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, and Berkshire West that provide a range of services. Find your nearest pharmacy here: Find a pharmacy

Key services:

Community pharmacies across England offer an NHS blood pressure check service to people over 40, as an easy and convenient way for you to get to know your blood pressure numbers. 

If you do have high blood pressure the pharmacist can offer further monitoring over a 24-hour period, and urgently refer you for further treatment if necessary. Your blood pressure readings are sent to your GP from the community pharmacy, so your records are updated and appropriate action taken.

You can use the link below to find a pharmacy near you which offers the service: Find pharmacies offering blood pressure checks.

It’s really worth popping into your community pharmacy to ask if they provide the blood pressure check service. Unfortunately, high blood pressure can have few symptoms so the first you know of it could be a stroke or heart attack.

If you would like to know more about the risks associated with high blood pressure and lifestyle changes you can make to lower your risk, visit our blood pressure page here: Reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke

This service provides both initial and on-going supply of oral contraception, offering wider access to contraception services.

You can use this service if you:

  • are using the contraceptive pill for the first time
  • are starting the contraceptive pill again after a break from taking it
  • already been prescribed the contraceptive pill and require a further supply

You can access this service by being referred from your GP, sexual health clinic, or urgent treatment centre or you can self-refer by walking in to a community pharmacy offering the service and asking for an appointment.

The pharmacist has gone through robust training to provide the service and will work with you to choose the most appropriate oral contraceptive for your needs.

It is your choice whether to give permission or not to the pharmacist to share information of the consultation with your GP. It does help to keep your records up to date, but important to note either decision will not affect your pharmacy consultation.

Find a pharmacy that offers the contraceptive pill without a prescription here: NHS (

Other Community Pharmacy services

A repeat dispensing service

This service allows you to collect your regular repeat prescription medicines direct from your local pharmacy for an agreed period of time, without having to go back to your GP.

You will need to give your permission to your GP for them to share information with your chosen pharmacist. When you need your prescription, instead of requesting it from your GP, you will be able to get your medicines directly from your local pharmacy.

New Medicine Service (NMS)

A service for people receiving their first prescription for a medicine* to treat long term conditions. (*certain medicines only)

Disposal of unwanted medicines

If you have any medicines that you no longer use, you can take them to your local pharmacy for safe disposal.

Other services that may be available at your local pharmacy:

  • emergency and oral contraception
  • asthma inhaler use and advice
  • stop smoking service
  • substance misuse service, including needle and syringe exchange schemes
  • flu and COVID-19 vaccinations

Please visit to learn more about what your community pharmacist can help you with

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