Why get a vaccine?

Routine childhood vaccinations are an important way to protect you, your child and others against serious illness. 

Your child will get invited for their routine vaccinations by their GP at specific stages of their development. Find out more about these here: NHS vaccinations and when to have them

If you have concerns or questions about a vaccine always ask someone who knows the benefits and potential risks. Your GP, community pharmacist, midwife or other health clinician will be happy to advise.

Getting your information from a trusted source is key – having reliable information means you can make an informed decision on vaccinations for your child and yourself.

Vaccine information on social media or a from neighbour may not be based on scientific evidence and could put your child at risk of a serious illness. So, if you hear a vaccine rumour from a friend, take a minute before sharing or passing it on. It may cause someone else to become unwell.

Find out more about why vaccines are important here: Why vaccination is important and the safest way to protect yourself  

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