Hospital at Home Services

Helping people to access urgent care at home with Hospital at Home services

Many people who need urgent care can be supported by health professionals in their local community.

An Urgent Community Response (UCR) and Hospital at Home can be provided to people quickly in their homes or care homes. This helps avoid unnecessary attendances at Emergency Department or hospital admissions, and supports people to be assessed, treated, and recover at home in familiar surroundings – which is often their preferred choice.

There is support for many conditions and needs, including: urgent catheter care, urgent diabetes care, acute confusion, urgent equipment provision, end of life support, reduced mobility and function, non-serious falls, or worsening frailty condition.   

The teams can provide hospital level support, care and treatment for up to 14 days in a patient’s home or care home. This is dependent on clinical needs and preferences and may include taking bloods, administering intravenous medications, senior clinical reviews, monitoring of heart and breathing rate, infection swabs, and urine tests.

The teams are made up of nurses, physical and occupational therapists, advanced clinical practitioners and other health professionals. They work alongside consultants for medical oversight and link with organisations such as local hospitals, social care, ambulance services, and community care. 

They take calls from GPs, care homes, ambulance service, paramedics attending patients at their homes, NHS 111, hospitals, and community health professionals to reduce the need for patients being admitted to hospital.   

By bringing together several key health services we can support people to get better at home.

This video is representative of how the system in Oxfordshire can support your loved ones closer to home when they need urgent care, but do not necessarily need to go to hospital.

Across Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire West there are variations in how hospital at home services are provided. In Berkshire West you are likely to hear these services referred to as virtual wards or virtual acute clinical unit. Further information on the Buckinghamshire Hospital at Home services visit Hospital@Home – Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

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