Pharmacy First

Highly trained pharmacists are able to assess and treat you for 7 common conditions without the need for a GP prescription. This is Pharmacy First.

By thinking ‘Pharmacy First’, you will find it easier and quicker to get the help you need without having to contact your GP surgery first. This new service is part of a wider expansion of healthcare to give you more choice.

Of 251 community pharmacies across Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire West, 244 offer the ground-breaking Pharmacy first initiative. 

Find your nearest participating Pharmacy First site here:

The following 7 common conditions can be treated by a participating pharmacy without the need for an appointment or prescription (please note the ages of each service):

  • earacheage 1 to 17 years old

  • impetigo – age 1 year and older

  • infected insect bite – age 1 year and older 

  • shingles – age 18 years and over

  • sinusitis – age 12 and over

  • sore throat – age 5 years and over

  • uncomplicated urinary tract infections in women – age 16 to 64 years

For the seven health conditions above, pharmacists will have a private conversation with you to see if they can help you manage your condition through self-care. If this is not helping then if appropriate, the pharmacist will provide medicines to help treat the illness following the consultation.

Please note that in some cases, those who are pregnant, breastfeeding, immunocompromised or who have recurring problems may not be eligible for treatment at a pharmacy.

This short video helps explain the Pharmacy first service: 

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