Get the right care

Mental Health

If you are concerned about your mental health you can access support and treatment in a number of ways:


Dial 999 if you think that your life, or that of another person is at immediate risk.

Call 111 for the Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire 24/7 NHS Mental Health Helpline if you need urgent mental health support. Speak to a mental health clinician who can advise on self-help, signpost to other sources of support and make direct referrals into all parts of local mental health services. 

This service is available to children and adults of all ages in Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire.

Adult mental health crisis contacts:

Safe Havens offer an alternative to A&E for adults experiencing mental health crisis. In Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire they are provided by Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust and Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Mind respectively.

Safe Havens operate in Banbury and Oxford seven days a week. Call 01865 903 037.

Safe Havens operate in High Wycombe seven days a week and in Aylesbury on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

If it’s not a crisis, adults can self-refer to NHS talking therapy services. 

Child mental health crisis contacts:

Contact: Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

If it’s not a crisis, our Mental Health in Schools Teams are operating in some schools in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Speak to your school to find out more or contact: Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services