Type 2 diabetes

Checking your risk of developing type 2 diabetes only takes a couple of minutes. Why wait? Check today. 

What is Type 2 diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes causes the level of sugar in the blood to become too high. It’s a long-term condition that can affect your everyday life. 

A healthy diet and keeping active will help you manage your blood sugar level. 

Early Onset Type 2 diabetes

Developing type 2 diabetes under the age of 40 is sometimes referred to as ‘early onset type 2 diabetes’ and comes with an increased risk of other long-term conditions compared to later onset type 2 diabetes.

These risks can be reduced with changes you can make yourself as well as through support from the NHS. 

Diabetes in pregnancy

Planning a healthy pregnancy when you live with diabetes is really important and is associated with lowering risks to you and your baby. You can read more in the ‘Pregnancy and diabetes’ box below.

What are we doing to support you?

If you are aged between 18 and 39 and diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, the NHS will be inviting you for an enhanced review to help you manage your condition. 
This review will help you to:

  • Control your blood sugar levels
  • Reduce your future risk of having a heart attack or stroke
  • Manage your weight
  • Look after your psychological and emotional wellbeing
  • Plan for healthy pregnancy
  • Access other local services to help you live well with type 2 diabetes.

It’s really important to take up this support when offered.

Pregnancy and diabetes

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